Fax Services

Despite what many technologists and millennials believe, fax is still a very important part of business process for many companies and industries who use fax as part of a revenue stream. Hospitals and insurance payers send hundreds of millions of pages of fax daily to gain pre-authorizations and proof of services in order to make payments. The Mortgage industry uses fax to begin loan origination and loan completion. Even the FBI has recently decided that fax is the only official method of communication that they will accept to initiate certain Information Act requests.

Fax is an old but highly reliable technology. It’s secure, has an audit trail and is recognized as a legal document in the highest of our country’s courts. Due to the proliferation and acceptance of cloud computing, companies are now more willing to consume Fax as a Service in lieu of maintaining their own private on-premise faxing system.

For those looking for a virtual fax server that is cloud based, Ingenium provides several solutions based on the customer’s need. Whether you are looking for an all cloud Fax as a Service or your very own private cloud based platform, we can help. Our method is simple and proven to even include on-demand provisioning to accommodate an unlimited number of inbound faxes at once.

Sending or receiving faxes can be as simple as using email, a web client or one of our API’s. Batch faxing can be accomplished for any type of application with minimal configuration.

Learn more about our fax solutions at our fax service web site, www.faxserver.net. When you are ready, contact us to discuss your faxing needs.


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