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2013 OpenText Content World Fun Facts

By November 18, 2013No Comments

otew2013Today was the opening of the 2013 OpenText Content World in Orlando, Florida at the Ritz Carlton Orlando Lakes. The top OpenText brass presented earlier this morning and has everyone pumped up and eager to take a deeper dive into the new product sessions that will be unveiled today. Among the new products, SecireIX is the latest cloud based secure content delivery tool that plugs into Microsoft Outlook. SecureIX is licensed on a pay per use program and is able to encrypt emails and large content files that need to be delivered to someone outside your corporate domain. Ingenium has been involved in the beta program for SecureIX and is looking forward to begin educating our customers about its value to organizations of any size.

william shatner opentextI ran into William Shatner , the keynote speaker, in the lobby. It was a little awkward seeing the former leading character of T.J. Hooker, Star Trek and at least a dozen other shows. He looked at me as if he was trying to remember my name and then asked me where the bathroom was. What a great moment; if I only had my camera. I am a huge T.J. Hooker fan.

Among the many other announcements by the OpenText CEO, Mark Barrenchea, the most notable was the intent to acquire GSX, the largest Value Added Network (VAN) world-wide. GSX offers secure EDI and transmission services to companies of all types and sent over 14 billion messages last year and have more than 600,000 trading partners. The structure of the deal has been reported as 1.17 Billion Dollars in cash and stock.

Here are some fun facts about OpenText that were shared in today’s sessions:

  1. OpenText Support answered over 186,096 support tickets last year.
  2. OpenText speaks to a customer every 14 seconds.
  3. After the acquisition of GSX, OpenText will have 41 operational data centers and access points world-wide.
  4. The GSX acquisition will boost the OpenText workforce by 60% and increase the customer base to 80,000.
  5. An encryption module is now available for the recently released RightFax 10.6. The module encrypts images and metadata at rest.