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2013 RightFax Content World – Day 2

By November 19, 2013No Comments

rightfax technical trainingWelcome to Techie Tuesday at the OpenText Content World, 2013 in Orlando Florida! Today’s most popular event has been the technical session lead by the RightFax Principal Developer, Treber “Razzle” Rebert and RightFax Product Manager Mike “Dazzle” Stover. There have already been many heated technical discussions about the usability of client interfaces for both the desktop client and the newly released HTML 5 WebUtil client. RightFax Connect has also been a very popular technical topic and the ability to send faxes from RightFax thru the cloud, all without having local premise fax lines.

In an earlier session, the newly released RightFax 10.6 was reviewed and many undocumented features were discussed. Probably the most important discussion around 10.6 was the introduction of adding security authentication for the C API. In RightFax versions 10.5 and earlier, the developer did not have to specify a security account for submitting C API calls to RightFax. This has changed. In the new 10.6, the C API has been modified and now requires the customer to add a login statement within their code. Future version of RightFax will also require authentication for the JAVA API and other RightFax API languages.

Customers will no longer have to watch their busy RightFax server wait to send faxes thru the DocTransport with the introduction of MSMQ in RightFax 10.5. Microsoft Message Queuing for outbound fax scheduling takes the burden off of SQL server and submits faxes much faster than versions before RightFax 9.4. By leveraging MSMQ, all of your fax channels will be filling up quickly to send out large quantities of fax transmissions. The fax image directory got a makeover too. Fax images are now stored in a hierarchical file system in a stacked folder fashion, in stead of a single directory. This will increase server performance and usability for high volume users and customers with hundreds of thousands or even millions of faxes sitting in RightFax.

One of the most popular rumored features was a possibility of having an IOS, Andriod or Windos Mobile RightFax client. With a RightFax Mobile app, customers could take a photo with their smartphone and securely fax the image thru the RightFax Mobile Client. This was again, just discussion but could be reality in a future version of RightFax.

What features or changes would you like to see in RightFax? Talk back to us and we will submit your suggestions to RightFax Product Development. Contact us here.