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4th Quarter Comeback

By October 3, 2013No Comments

Ingenium Software comes back in the 4th Quarter with New WebEx Events, Products and Services.

The calendar year is coming to a close, but we’ve packed in six new WebEx events in the final quarter.  The first event On October 10th at 1:00PM is a presentation and discussion on how to architect and create a RightFax D/R environment and solutions that are perfect for your organization.  Please register here if you’d like to attend.

We’ll be launching some new products as well.  We’re excited about a new partnership with a Document Management Software called M-Files which has components for Workflow and Quality Control.  We’re hoping to have in introductory WebEx in late October.

November will bring two additional Informational Presentations on What “CLOUD” offerings are available.  You’ll learn more not only about FAX in the CLOUD, CLOUD based DMS, and Virtual Telecom Infrastructure, CLOUD based resources for D/R, Hosted and Production environments.  Before the end of the November we’ll also feature a presentation on Production Based faxing which allows ERP systems to automatically deliver documents like PO’s and Invoices via fax along with some Auto-Archive functionality.

The year will end in December with two more Informational presentations.  The first will be on creating process workflow with RightFax and M-Files.  We’ll be routing inbound documents to a specific workflow to demonstrate how an automated workflow can reduce the amount of time required for processing and show complete control.  The final presentation for the year will be all about Healthcare and what role FAX plays in HIPAA compliance.

So it’s going to be a fast paced fourth quarter for Ingenium Software.  We are planning to come out strong in the first quarter of 2014 as well.  We hope to see you at our upcoming events.