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Faxing from the Cloud

By April 22, 2015No Comments

RightFax CloudAs organizations continue to find ways to cut costs, improve the customer experience and reduce risk, we are talking with customers a lot about strategies to move their fax server to the cloud. If you are using an on premise RightFax server, chances are that your organization has written code from your back office applications to RightFax that enables seamless faxing. In this case, moving RightFax to Ingenium’s FaxColo would allow you to maintain the integration you built while leveraging cloud infrastructure to power and process faxes for you. The benefit is you still have control over you data but don’t have to deal with the computing or Telco infrastructure required to provide your fax services. In a situation where you want to keep your fax server on site, we offer cloud based Telco that connects securely to RightFax thru a software based connector. As faxes are sent and received, they are encrypted and delivered over the PSTN. In this scenario, you are basically trading up from your in house Telco provider to a highly scalable, highly secure cloud based Telco network. Many of our satisfied cloud customers have reported to us that they have increased fax sending rates up to 100%. Some of our clients are using a fax server as a point solution to send and receive desktop based fax and want to go with an all cloud fax experience. In this case, we offer Fax2Mail, the largest business to business fax network on the planet. With Fax2Mail, companies can stop upgrading their fax server and paying for annual maintenance. With Fax2Mail, you pay a monthly usage fee, based on how many fax users, fax numbers and fax pages that you send. All of our cloud fax solutions are HIPAA and PCI compliant. For a free, no obligation analysis of how much you could be saving by leveraging our proven cloud technology, please contact us.