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Increasing Reliability Between RightFax and a Brother MFC

By March 5, 2013No Comments

Many small businesses and satellite offices find that using Brother multifunction devices (MFC) are a great way to combine printing, copying, scanning, and faxing into one easy-to-use and cost-effective device. But with the proliferation of Fax over IP (FoIP) RightFax administrators have found their error rates increasing when communicating with the Brother MFC’s.

There’s a simple answer to why this error rate has been increasing over the last few years. The most common problem that we see here at Ingenium software with communicating between enterprise FoIP solutions like RightFax and Brother MFC’s is the telephony connection between the Brother device and the telephone company. The issue is the interface between the Brother device and a Voice over IP (VoIP).

One of the faxing gurus at Brother had this to say on how to increase reliability for Brother devices connected to a VoIP phone system: “What people keep forgetting is that fax technology is based on a circuit-switched connection model, not a packet-switched model. It [fax] can work in a packet-switched environment but there may be some issues. This is what the compatibility mode is for [on Brother devices]. If the customer is using a VoIP system, they should set the compatibility mode to ‘Basic’ for the most reliable performance.

Hopefully this information will help you, the RightFax administrator assist your end customers getting the highest reliability from their Brother devices when sending and receiving faxes to your RightFax environment.

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