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Ingenium Brooktrout Rebate 2012

By March 5, 2013No Comments

Don’t you just love the smell of fall? The cooler weather feels great and of course, the leaves are beginning to turn here in Georgia. But, my favorite thing about the fall is the return of our Brooktrout Rebate. Last year our customers saved over $55,000 between November and December by taking advantage of our instant rebate program.

There are many reasons why you would want to trade in your old Brooktrout fax cards for a shiny new Brooktrout fax card. Here are the top 10 reasons:

[title size=”small”]Top 10 Reasons to Trade In Your Fax Card[/title]
  • Save Money – You can earn up to $100.00 per port for fax cards that you trade in to Ingenium. If you upgrade a 24 channel system with us, you will save $2,400.00!
  • Save Power – Most new lower power consuming servers require a PCI-Express fax card. If you have an older PCI form factor that is using 5 volts, you will need a new 2 volt card to match up with your power efficient server.
  • Go Virtual – If you want to eliminate hardware dependancy and save on power and cooling costs, you can upgrade to the soft version of the fax card, the SR140.
  • Enhance Productivity – Does your old fax card support DID routing? For about a quarter per month per number, you can pass out direct fax numbers to your key employees and enhance thier productivity? Ask us how!
  • Maximise Uptime – The average life span of a Brooktrout fax card is 5 years before failure. If your fax card is over 5 years old, you may want to think about how a dead fax card will impact your faxing.
  • Latest Technology – Fax card firmware changes about 3 times a year. Get the benifits of having current technology that matches up with your Fax Server Software.
  • Sustanibility – By trading in your fax card to Ingenium, rest assured that your equipment will not end up in a landfill, but will be recycled and turned back into it’s core metal elements and repurposed for new technology.
  • Reduce Telecom Expenses – We have helped many of our clients reduce their telecom expenses by changing the phone service they are using for faxing. Get the most out of your telecom dollar today. Ask us how!
  • Enhance Capability – Centrex lines are outdated and expensive. Enhance your fax server with a PRI or SIP trunking. We can help!
  • Smells Good – Don’t you just love the smell of a new fax card, iPhone 5 or new techno gadget? Feed your senses, fuel your soul and upgrade to a new fax card today!

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