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Ingenium Virtual Fax Transport (VFT)

By September 20, 2013No Comments

Ingenium Virtual Fax Transport – Welcome to the Cloud

Do your customers ever tell you that they get a transmission error when they send you a fax? Have you been told that sometimes your customer only receives half of the fax or even a blank fax? Did someone tell you that they sent you a fax and got a conformation page but  you never got the fax? These are all signs of fax transmission errors. Most of the time these errors are caused by the PSTN or your phone company is using a SIP provider to deliver your fax call, which rarely works reliably. Many fax transmission errors can be avoided if you just had the right fax transport to support your fax needs.

Introducing Ingenium VFT. VFT is an infrastructure as a service offering for companies that need secure, reliable and high speed fax transmissions. We connect natively within your RightFax Fax Server thru our connector or directly to an analog fax machine with our VFT ATA. Sending and receiving faxes has never been easier! We have invested in over 4,000 TDM based fax channels that are spread across multiple leading carriers within datacenters in the US, Canada and the UK. Our highly available fax transport network is always on and never delivers a busy signal to your customers who are sending you faxes. We can send and receive faxes up to a blazing 33.6kbs speed with Error Correction Mode (ECM), and even automatically switch between our carrier networks when we get a busy signal for an outbound fax. This helps us ensure that we have the best possible carrier path to reach your customer’s fax machine at all times, no matter where your customer is located. We can help y0u increase document delivery times and eliminate fax transmission errors – significantly.

VFT supports the RightFax Server product line natively thru an API and does not require a BrookTrout fax card or BrookTrout SR140 license. Our VFT ATA can connect to any analog fax machine and leverages the power of our global fax transport network, all securely over a secure internet connection using a hybrid encryption methodology.

Add the power of our Cloud and host your fax server in our Vcloud Datacenter for an unparalleled cloud experience. If you are a VMware user already, you can leverage the VMware Cloud Connect plugin and have a native interface to manage your RightFax Server. Imagine having the power of the VFT Cloud to send and receive as many faxes as you want to from your RightFax server, anytime you need it, quickly and securely.

Read more about our VFT offering or learn more about our cloud capabilities in our cloud brochure. Contact us today for a demo.