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How to Report a Spam Fax

By June 26, 2014No Comments

Not many things are more irritating to me than to be waiting on a real important fax and to end up with a fabulous vacation offer with airfare for only 99.00. Yes, I’m talking about Spam Fax or Junk Fax. But how did you end up on this list to begin with? How do you make them stop sending these unwanted faxes to you? Well, one might say lets queue up about 100,000 faxes and blast the spam faxer away for a couple days. I know, that sounds like a lot of fun but its really not a practical solution. Your best bet is to check the bottom of the fax for removal instructions and follow them. Another formal alternative would be to file an official complaint with the FCC. The formal Junk Fax Complaint process is really easy and you can do it all online by starting with the complaint from on the FCC website located here.