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RightFax 10.6 Feature Pack 2 released

By August 20, 2015No Comments

The latest Feature Pack (FP) for RightFax 10.6 has been released and is ready for download.  Included in the FP2 release is the FP itself, an updated Client Install package and updated documentation.  We’ll post the links to everything at the bottom of this post.

Here is a rundown on the new features added to RightFax 10.6 with this FP:

  •  New Feature Pack Installer
    • The installer can update an existing OpenText RightFax 10.6 or later server or install a fresh OpenText RightFax 10.6 Feature Pack 2 server.
  • New RightFax Web Client
    • Web Client is supported on the most recent version of popular browsers.
    • Admin can configure a list of RightFax servers that users can select from when they sign on.
    • Users can view web client online help.
  • FaxUtil
    • Admin can hide the change password option on the FaxUtil sign-in window.
    • Users can show a DID/DNIS column in the fax list.
    • Users can show a completed time column in the fax list.
    • Users can view and print a confirmation page.
    • Users can submit faxes for archiving.
    • Users can delete their custom delegate role templates.
    • Users can see a coversheet preview.
    • Fax History
      • Fax history includes a more detailed OCR record.
      • Fax history is updated when users initiate “send via email” from the viewer.
      • Users can view delegate activities in the fax history.
    • Viewer
      • Improved pagination controls.
      • Users can place an image on a fax page.
      • Users can make freehand annotations on a fax page.
      • Users can re-size Annotations before they are saved.
      • Users can view SMS messages.
      • Fax images are copied before annotations are saved.
  • Enterprise Fax Manager
    • Users can be prevented from creating or editing phonebooks.
    • Users can be restricted from granting delegate access.
    • User accounts have a new description field.
    • Archive options can be set at the user level.
    • Groups can have up to nine alternate administrators.
    • The RightFax server list can be reordered, exported, and imported for consistent management in multiple locations.
    • Admin can copy server settings between nodes in a shared services environment.
    • Admin can include ISDN Calling Party information with SIP or h.323 FoIP calls.
    • Fax database threads are managed automatically.
    • Outdated low disk space display has been deprecated.
  • Connector for Microsoft Exchange
    • The Exchange Web Services Connector can be run remotely.
  • Sync Module
    • Disabled users can be automatically moved into a RightFax group or deleted.
    • Disabled users with Exchange mailboxes can be imported into RightFax.
    • Users with changed AD IDs can be updated automatically in RightFax.
    • Admin can choose to not create new RightFax users when AD IDs change for the same GUID.
    • Blank routing codes can be replaced with the Default user’s routing code.
  • Notifications
    • Group administrators can be notified about faxes needing approval.
    • Users can be notified when their fax transmissions are started or in progress.
    • Print notifications include a thumbnail image and metadata.
  • RightFax Connect
    • Admin can choose to ignore RightFax Connect certificate errors.
    • RightFax Connect works with a proxy server.
  • MFP Connector
    • The following fax addressing restrictions can be enabled for HP, Ricoh, and Xerox MFP Connectors:
      • MFP users can be required to enter the fax number twice.
      • MFP users can be required to select recipients from the phonebook.
  • Other Administrative Enhancements
    • SSL connection to SQL.
    • Call blocking supports multiple numbers.
    • Admin can set up multiple auto-reply templates.
    • Connector for SharePoint uses the same whitelist as RightFax.
    • Web Delivery links support https.
    • FCL commands can control retries on a per-job basis.
    • Conversion engine includes an improved method for converting HTML and MHTML documents.
    • Admin can specify how to handle errors when faxing without Error Correction Mode.
    • Smart Fax Distribution can automatically forward a fax to all members of a group.
    • Changes to delegate settings are tracked in the Audit report.
    • Admin can specify a duplicate image directory.
    • Users can save RightFax Web Reporter reports to a file.
    • Advanced Audit Report shows who adds, modifies, or deletes RightFax user accounts.
  • RightFax Web API SDK
    • Windows Authentication
    • Retrieve and attach library documents
    • Retrieve and attach billing codes

As you can see there are a lot of new features in this FP2 release and the download file size shows it.  This patch (with the client install package) ISO download comes in at a whopping 2.21 GB Download.

To get your patch, please follow these links:
*You will need your Open Text KC login information for these downloads

If you have any questions about RightFax 10.6; FP2; or any Secure Document Delivery solution, please contact your Ingenium Account manager or email [email protected]