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RightFax Transmission Error Phase B

By August 10, 2015No Comments

When RightFax talks to a voice gateway to send a fax call and fails, you may see “RightFax transmission error phase B”. Rightfax transmission error phase b usually means that the next hop, typically the carrier, is not returning dial tone to etherfaxyour call setup. Make sure that you run a wireshark trace between RightFax and your gateway that you can provide to your carrier for analysis. Your carrier should also generate a trace with you on their side of their gateway to see why the error is occurring. Most of the time the carrier will have you setup to route thru a SIP path, and may be able to reroute you thru TDM to make the error go away. If you have still have trouble, then you may want to look at our cloud based carrier, etherFAX. etherFAX uses “fax cards in the cloud”, powered by an all TDM network over DS3’s. etherFAX uses a software connector that is installed on your RightFax server and eliminates physical gateways, SIP and T.38 troubleshooting forever.

For a truly awesome fax experience that’s PCI Level 1 with 999.9% reliability, ask us about etherFAX today and say good bye to fax transmission errors.