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Setting up Admin Alerts in RightFax

By July 22, 2015No Comments

Have you ever wondered how the Admin Alerts in The RightFax Server module were setup? Well wonder no more, here is a quick and painless guide to setting up Server Admin Alerts for your RightFax server.


  1. Open EFM
  2. Go to Users
  3. Select the user you want to get alerts
  4. Right-Click and select Edit…
    1. User Edit Selection
  5. Go to the Administrative Pager Alerts tab
    1. Pager ID – Put in a SMTP address that you want the alerts to go to
    2. Pager/SMS Service – This is where we setup the SMTP server.
      1. Select the “more” to the right of the pulldown
        1. Service ID: – generic text goes here “Admin Alert” for example
        2. Service Type: Leave at SMTP
        3. SMTP Server: Pick one of your email servers that will allow Open Relay from the RightFax Servers IP address
        4. SMTP Sender Address: This must be a valid SMTP address on the server listed above
        5. Click OK
          1. Edit Service Definition
      2. Use the pulldown to select the Service ID we just setup
    3. Alerts to send to pager – Pick the alerts you would like to get notifications on. **DO NOT** select “Periodic Server Heartbeat”
      1. Alert setup finished
  6. Click OK

You should now get alerts when one of the criteria is met.