Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)zixcorp

Companies make a significant investment in ensuring that their networks are secure and to protect their data. Allowing company data to reside outside of the company’s network on mobile devices is a bad plan. Our approach to BYOD simplifies IT management by eliminating company email on employees mobile devices. Instead, by securely allowing access to your company email form an employee’s device, you are providing controlled access to employees to check their email without the risk of loosing any data or control.


ZixOne allows IT administrators to provide controlled access to company email, calendaring and contacts. if a mobile device is compromised, lost or stolen, you simply disable access to the device from the ZixOne interface. By implementing a “no data on the device” policy, your organization will benefit from the concept of BYOD without loosing control of your data. Your employees will be happy since they don’t loose control of their devices or privacy. Eliminate the loss of company data or liability risks.

  • Employee and privacy controls.
  • Convenient and easy to use.
  • Proven and visible security.
  • Fast employee adoption.

ZixOne Administrative Controls

ZixOne makes BYOD easy to deploy within any size organization. With an easy to use interface and convenient view of all users and devices, IT administrators will save time and money. Should a mobile device be lost or stolen, an administrator can quickly disable the device but allow your employee to continue using from other personal devices. Enable mandated security polices for any mobile device without negatively impacting your employees productivity.

  • ZixOne Reporting enables compliance.
  • Enable company wide mobile security in less than an hour.
  • Zix has the easiest BYOD program in the industry.