Cloud Fax Readiness Assessment

Is your organization ready to move fax to the cloud? Consider our 5 step approach to cloud fax readiness.

Fax Workloads

Step 1) Do you have critical faxing requirements that demand high availability for your fax application and telco environment that demand dynamic and elastic scalability during peak operation periods? Document the flow of your critical fax workloads and the software systems that create or consume fax documents. Develop a stated benefit objective for moving these critical fax processes to the cloud. Our customer’s benefit from cost savings, increased performance and a higher fax satisfaction experience for end users and customers alike.

Prioritizing Applications

Step 2) CIO’s prefer an “always available” faxing experience for their customers so they never hear a busy signal when faxing in purchase orders, insurance claims, patient records, referrals, pre-authorizations and other critical fax documents. Perform a risk analysis or proof of concept plan for testing cloud faxing. You should consider testing a non critical business critical fax process before committing to a total cloud fax transformation. The experience of the initial POC should be important enough for the CIO to make the strategic decision to faxing for the remainder of your applications. Prioritize the business processes that begin or end with a fax, which are tied to a revenue stream. Identifying these revenue generating fax processes will help you determine which business applications should be prioritized to achieving fax cloud enablement.

Creating Timelines

Step 3) Timing is everything. CIO’s must decide when the best opportunity to transition fax to the cloud will be for their organization. Many of our clients wait to the last minute to move fax to the cloud, often after a faxing process has been broken and the business realizes it is not receiving fax orders. Don’t let this happen to you. Since business application performance is critical in maintaining business revenue, develop a fax migration timeline before you upgrade your PBX or make network architecture changes that will make a negative impact on faxing. CIO’s should decide the when the best time for them to migrate fax to the cloud during a slower period of fax transmissions.

Application Dependencies

Step 4) CIO’s should identify which applications and processes are driving fax transmissions and should consider if these applications should also be moved to the cloud in order to containerize specific application pools that attribute to faxing. Identify the potential financial savings for moving dependent applications that generate fax to the cloud. Include cost savings for infrastructure and telco redundancy.

Fax Migration Strategy

Step 5) Fax migration to the cloud is considered “Lift and Shift” of the entire application. This includes but is not limited to the operating system, fax application, fax database, middleware and other software driven processes. Within this particular approach, CIO’s expect the same functionality of their fax environment with a higher rate of fax application reliability. The other approach, described as “Big Bang” is much more accelerated where a both a migration to the cloud and upgrade in the fax application occurs together. For most of our customers, the “Big Bang” works better, reducing costs and provides scalable performance gains. A full cutover of faxing on the same go live date allows CIO’s to achieve the same goal on a shorter time period, this saving manpower and internal resources.

How to Get Started

If your organization is experiencing a high rate of fax failures and constant fax application issues that are negatively impacting your bottom line, you should consider moving your fax to the Ingenium Cloud. With our all copper “always on” faxing network, organizations of all shapes and sizes are realizing a lower cost of operation and higher fax success rates. Improve your inbound and outbound fax success rates significantly with our Secure Exchange Network, built with 100% guaranteed fax delivery. Send and receive large fax documents within seconds between your customers and business partners¬†with full “end to end” encryption. Contact us today to schedule a no obligation cloud fax readiness assessment.