Cirracore Cloud Replication / DR

Cirracore Cloud Replication

Cirracore’s Cloud Replication for DR/Business Continuity delivers geographically diverse locations for VMware based replication solutions that meet your business requirements for DR and Continuity. Cirracore can host your VMware vCloud computing environment in Atlanta, GA and replicate to Dallas, TX or other locations. Our Hypervisor based replication technology enables our customers to replicate at the exact level of any virtual entity, including VMware and VApps. Cirracore’s replication based technology achieves RPO in seconds and RTO in minutes, guaranteed.

Datacenter to Cirracore Cloud Replication

Cirracore provides a seamless integration with your VMware environments for Hypervisor based replication to one of Cirracore’s Enterprise Cloud Datacenters at Equinix.

  • Experience granular replication of any virtual entity.
  • Highly scalable software based replication is managed and deployed easily.
  • Zero host requirements or additional hardware is required for replication, no matter how large your want to expand.
  • Maintain full replication with ease and comfort.
  • Hypervisor replication is Hardware agnostic.
  • Streamline your replication with Cirracore.


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