Computer Network Consulting

Computer Network Consulting

Every business has unique IT needs. Whether you need 24 x 7 proactive monitoring of servers on your network, or just a number to call when something doesn’t work, Ingenium has a solution that can help make network support easy for you and your company. Ingenium can help you augment an existing technical team or we can manage the entire network for you.

How can we help you?

Our engineers are experts in network troubleshooting and design. We can help make your network run fast and securely. We use the latest technology from the leading technology vendors such as Trend Micro, Microsoft, Cisco, Foundry, VMWare, Dell, Barracuda and OpenText.

Our Most Popular Services:

  • Secure Email and Virus Protection
  • Cloud Computing
  • Fax as a Service
  • FaxCore
  • Cisco ASA
  • Cisco Firewalls
  • Cisco Voice
  • etherFAX
  • Server Colocation
  • Security Auditing
  • Secure VPN Access
  • IP Security Cameras

Remote Branch or Home Office

Have you ever wanted to work from home or setup a new office in another city? With the use of our VPN solutions from Cisco, we can set you up with a secure, reliable connection to your office or remote branch office. We also support PolyCom and Cudatel VoIP phone systems and SIP service from Level 3.

We offer hourly and Annual Support Plans. Please contact us for more information at 770-936-0600.


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