Data Loss Prevention

A Simple Approach to Data Loss Preventionzixcorp

Security analysts tell us that one of the greatest risks today is the loss of email data. Zix DLP protects sensitive data within email systems. Zix DLP provides organizations seamless and affordable protection, all at a fraction of the cost of a comprehensive DLP solution that can be completely deployed in less than one day. By leveraging standards based email policy filters, your emails and attachments are scanned dynamically. When a policy filter is enabled, Zix DLP immediately blocks the email from leaving your network and queues it for review.

Zix DLP provides Maximum Protection with Minimal Impact

If you consider the numbers of times your employees are hitting the send button should make email data loss a top concern for any company. However, reviewing tons of emails in quarantine may become overwhelming to your IT or Security group. By distributing sensitive emails among department managers and supervisors, who know their team’s job tasks and the types of email content they are allowed to send, will minimize the impact on knowledge workers and maximize your DLP strategy

Zix DLP Insight

To gain a holistic view of the data loss in your email, Zix DLP insight consumes email data and highlights data violations that trigger our policy filters as well as any custom filter that you may create. Through our intuitive and dynamic interface, you can monitor your email in real time to identify your greatest exposure. Leverage our reporting tools to provide management level email reports of policy violators so that corrective actions may be taken.

  • Real time email protection and quarantine.
  • Management audit and reporting.
  • Secure your company emails with Zix and avoid embarrassing situations.