Enterprise Cloud Resources

Cirracore VMware-Based Enterprise Cloud

Cirracore’s Enterprise Cloud delivers high performance cloud computing at it’s best. Our customers experience unparalleled speed and performance from our dedicated resource pools that give you your own virtual private datacenter where you are in control of your computing and storage resources. Build out your virtual Enterprise environment from your resource pools by building virtual servers from your allocated resources of RAM, cores and storage. Create virtual machines that exactly meet your application requirements. You can easily manage your VMs from the VMware vCloud Director or vCloud Connector from your vSphere Enterprise app and your Cirracore resources will appear as local resources in your vCenter and share workloads across both environments.

Dedicated Resource Pools

Dedicated resource pools provide guaranteed compute and storage components to configure your VMs. Each core is guaranteed and operates at 2Ghz. Cores in a Resource Pool can be allocated to virtual servers as they would be on physical servers. Dedicated high speed DDR3 RAM is guaranteed and not shared among other applications. RAM in a resource pool can be allocated to your virtual servers just as they would be on physical servers. Dedicated storage mounted as LUNs can be assigned from three performance tiers of storage including SAS based, SSD based for high performance IOPs and SATA based bulk storage for static files, backups and archives.

  • Configure your VMs to your specific requirements.
  • No constraints to pre defined VM configurations.
  • Three performance tiers of storage.
  • Fortinet’s Unified Threat Management (UTM) security platform provides you with the fastest firewall technology on the market.
    Each FortiGate includes firewall, intrusion prevention, application control, web content filtering, VPN, anti-spyware, WAN optimization, two factor authentication and anti-spam prevention.

  • vShield delivers adaptive security that moves with virtual machines as they migrate from host to host so that our customers can securely support their environments in a dynamic cloud.
  • vShield ensures that applications will run smoothly in a cloud environment while maintaining trust and network segmentation of user and sensitive data.


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