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etherFAX A2E Adapteretherfax a2e

As organizations expand their IT operations and utilize IP-based networks, extending fax machines to this infrastructure can be a challenge. The etherFAX analog-to-etherFAX (A2E) device addresses this challenge. It provides a plug-and-play device that enables any organization the ability to extend their existing analog fax machines to the cloud, providing secure transport of unstructured data. Transparent to users, the etherFAX A2E device allows fax machines operate as if they were using a traditional analog line. Instead, the analog telephony adapter connects fax machines to the etherFAX network, taking advantage of IP-based networks and the cloud to send and receive faxes.

The etherFAX A2E device, manufactured by MultiTech, simplifies the transition to IP-based infrastructure without adding complexity and ongoing maintenance. The A2E device is transparent to users. Just plug in the A2E and send and receive fax as you normally would. It leverages existing IT infrastructure while eliminating the recurring costs associated with fax lines while providing fax transmission speeds and high reliability for faxing.

The etherFAX A2E supports the etherFAX Secure Exchange Network (SEN), allowing organizations to integrate remote fax machines from various locations anywhere in the world and create their own private fax network. The combination of etherFAX A2E and etherFAX SEN ensures secure transmission and delivery of unstructured data.

Why etherFAX A2E?

The etherFAX A2E is the only plug-and-play analog terminal adapter in the marketplace. With it’s auto provisioning capability, you will be faxing within minutes after you plug in your A2E to an analog fax machine and ethernet connection.

etherFAX A2E provides reliable and easy to use fax services to any analog fax device.

  • Replaces Cisco ATA’s for customers moving to Cisco Call Manager 10.5 and greater.
  • Increases faxing speeds for any analog fax device.
  • Provides an “always on” fax experience for your customers, never miss a fax call.
  • PCI Level 1 Complaint.
  • Port any local or Toll Free fax number.
  • Real-time customer portal with live reporting and network status.
  • Flat rate fee, unlimited faxing.


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