etherFAX DR

DR Fax Trunking from etherFAXetherfax

Organizations that maintain on-premise fax systems to transact business cannot afford downtime. Even the best designed telephony infrastructure and built-in redundancy can be compromised by technical failures, catastrophic events and natural disasters. etherFAX DR provides a secure and cost-effective solution to ensure fax communications are fully operational. Leveraging the cloud, proprietary technology and world-class datacenters located in North America, Europe and Asia, etherFAX DR can be utilized to supplement on-premise fax infrastructure. In addition to disaster recovery, etherFAX DR is ideal for business continuity initiatives and managing high-volume, peak overflow fax operations.

Through its infrastructure-as-a-service platform, etherFAX DR can be easily configured to provide immediate fail-over of fax communications, ensuring uptime when existing telephony equipment fails, such as fax boards, PRI lines, servers and applications.

Why etherFAX DR?

etherFAX DR is unique to the fax server industry. Since the etherFAX network is “always on”, you can swing your production fax numbers simply by starting the etherFAX service on your RightFax server or thru the use of an etherFAX A2E analog adapter.

etherFAX DR allows incredibly simple DR or HA for any RightFax environment or custom fax application using our Fax API.

  • Provides instant portability for any fax number.
  • No remote call forwarding required.
  • Provides a scalable “always on” fax experience for your customers.
  • The only fax provider in the industry that is PCI Level 1 Complaint.
  • Port any local or Toll Free fax number.
  • Real-time customer portal with live reporting and network status.
  • Pay for use services.


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