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etherFAX SEN

etherFAX Secure Exchange Network (SEN)etherfax

etherFAX was designed as a virtual document and fax transport service that enables customers to experience real-time fax communications that seamlessly integrates industry leading fax servers, such as RightFax and any fax-enabled applications. The SEN service design is the ability to route documents securely and quickly to other etherFAX peers without ever traversing the PSTN. Imagine sending a 50 page fax in less than a minute, that is fully encrypted from end to end; etherFAX SEN makes this a reality.

Why etherFAX SEN?

As security and compliance become increasingly important to organizations in finance, healthcare, government and other information sensitive industries, the ability to securely transmit data between the sender and receiver is essential. One of the key reasons security systems may fail is due to the complexity of managing encryption, VPNs and the inability to provide an easy user experience. Let’s face it, nobody really enjoys having to enter in a password on another website to view an encrypted email. With etherFax’s SEN, etherFAX customers can now enjoy secure, encrypted document delivery with any other etherFAX customer. etherFAX marks SEN transactions as “SENt” for reporting and compliance proposes.

etherFAX enables end-to-end document encryption that’s easy to use.

  • No user intervention required, all documents are encrypted
  • Depth-in-Defense multi-layered security model
  • Lightning fax document delivery, within seconds for a 50 page fax
  • PCI Level 1 Certified
  • 9999% Reliability
  • Built-in redundancy, multiple carriers
  • Pay for use model


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