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Integrating fax into existing home grown applications has never been easier. etherFAX provides the capability to securely transport data and documents from any software application. It leverages the Internet to send and receive faxes to and from fax devices, fax servers, and other fax-enabled applications. The etherFAX API provides a toolkit for software developers to integrate fax capabilities into any application. Aggregating a vast array of virtual ports, etherFAX offers a scalable network to process high volumes of faxes. Similar to composing an email or printing a document, etherFAX-enabled applications can create and securely transmit faxes.

Why etherFAX Toolkit?

With the etherFAX Toolkit, developers can quickly fax enable any software application in several different programming languages. No fax software or fax hardware is required. Simply choose your development method such as .NET, JAVA, PHP or RestAPI.

etherFAX enable any software application with ease.

  • Simple to deploy
  • Depth-in-Defense multi-layered security model
  • Lightning fast document delivery
  • PCI Level 1 Certified
  • 9999% Reliability
  • Built-in redundancy, multiple carriers
  • Pay for use model


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