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etherFAX Enterprise Fax Communications

Hybrid Fax Trunkingetherfax

etherFAX is a cloud based carrier that provides real time, secure and highly reliable fax communications. The carrier leverages a large amount of virtual ports that allow you to eliminate the need for on premise fax telco equipment, such as fax cards or fax gateways, as well as monthly costs associated with traditional T1, analog or SIP based phone lines. Completely engineered with copper PRI’s over eight different carrier providers. Fully integrates with RightFax to provide real time, high speed faxing between your fax server and customers. Leverages the internet over an encrypted tunnel to manage all of your business critical faxing without any scaling or capacity restraints.

Why etherFAX?

etherFAX is unique to the fax server industry. They leverage a proprietary Depth-in-Defense security methodology for securely connecting your RightFax DocTransport channels with physical fax boards in the cloud. There is no SIP, T.38 or T.37 involved, just real-time amazingly fast connections, up to 33.6kbs. Achieve 1000 times greater fax speeds when you use the their Secure Exchange Network (SEN).

Reduces corporate faxing transmission problems common to using SIP or T.38 based technology.

  • Eliminates scrambled or garbled fax images.
  • Increases faxing speeds for virtual RightFax servers.
  • Provides a scalable “always on” fax experience for your customers.
  • The only fax provider in the industry that is PCI Level 1 Complaint.
  • Port any local or Toll Free fax number.
  • Real-time customer portal with live reporting and network status.
  • Pay for what you use, on a month to month basis.


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