Fax Consulting

Are you experiencing fax failures and fax transmission errors? Ingenium can help thru our Fax Consulting Services. Fax continues to be a key communication method in the business to business sector. Whether you are in healthcare, financial, government or any other regulated industry, you probably use fax somewhere in your business to support a business process.

Many business processes that begin or end with a fax are likely to have a revenue component tied to a successful fax or can be critical in nature such as ensuring timely patient care. When you experience a cut off fax or partial fax, the business process can come to a halt until the completed fax is successfully received. Ingenium can help analyze your fax transmission issues and can help determine where the issue is and provide a remedy to correct the issue with fax.

Ingenium can work with your existing fax application and telco team to identify what is actually happening to your fax and how to make the appropriate corrections in order to have a reliable faxing solution. We are capable of monitoring a fax conversation to help determine who’s network or fax device may be causing your fax error. We work with leading providers of fax communications, telephone carriers and companies of all sizes.

When you are ready, contact us to discuss your faxing issues. You can also call us to schedule a meeting with one of our fax experts to discuss your fax issues 770-936-0600.


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