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Fax to Email with RightFax

Fax to Email with RightFax

The RightFax family of fax servers provide an integrated and scalable solution that can meet the needs of any organization. RightFax can help reduce costs, improve employee productivity and meet compliance goals by integrating fax with e-mail, desktop and document management applications, and by enabling high volume fax delivery from CRM, ERP, and host applications. RightFax provides reliability, business continuity, scalability, and ease of use for IT staff and desktop users alike.

RightFax Benefits

  • Secure and tamper resistant document delivery that supports auditing and compliance controls
  • Track documents and user activity with comprehensive monitoring, reporting, and audit trail capabilities
  • Seamless fax integration with leading on premise and cloud-based e-mail platforms
  • Improves productivity and automated document delivery through critical business applications
  • Ability to eliminate standalone convenience fax machines and keep workers in their seats
  • Market leading FoIP integration and interoperability with the leading VoIP PBX systems
  • Go virtual without a fax card on VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V

Centralized Network Fax Resource

RightFax can be integrated with key business applications such as email, CRM, ERP, EMR and EHR systems, document management, MFPs, and more. In fact, RightFax has more application integrations than any other fax server software vendor. RightFax is Microsoft Certified and fully supported with Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 Standard and Enterprise Servers, Windows 7, Vista, XP and Office 2010.

RightFax’ robust user synchronization can automatically synchronize with Microsoft Active Directory to import and add new users and settings easily. LDAP users can also be imported into RightFax as well. By using the Shared Services Module, you can consolidate multiple RightFax Database servers into a single shared SQL RightFax Database and leverage a collective of RightFax resources, such as multiple application servers or Remote DocTransport Servers.

RightFax integrates seamlessly with unified communications/messaging strategies. As new faxes arrive, fax attachments can be delivered to a user via fax to email and arrive as a new fax email message. A user could also send a email to fax by entering the fax recipient’s fax number in the “to” field. Document attachments could be added to the email to fax message and sent to a fax machine. Once the fax is delivered, a confirmation email is sent to the sender’s email.

Enterprise-wide Document Delivery

RightFax can send, receive, and manage faxes from virtually all desktop applications or a web browser. Intelligent outbound delivery in RightFax allows you to group outbound calls together, schedule when faxes can be sent, provide priority sending, establish least-cost routing rules, block restricted numbers from being faxed, and switch to voice mode when a human answers.

E-mail gateways can provide native Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and SMTP mail support for sending faxes. A convenient fax button mail template is provided for Exchange and Notes. The SMTP gateway can easily send a fax thru any SMTP mail client by using the proper fax syntax.


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