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FaxCore EnterpriseFaxCore

FaxCore Enterprise is a mission critical, high performance fax server built on the Window’s .NET Framework and Microsoft SQL Server. FaxCore Enterprise comes standard with a full version of Microsoft SQL 2012 and is designed to deliver fax volumes of any size. Since FaxCore uses web services, setting up a Highly Available or DR environment is very easy. The robust Audit trail enables any organization to maintain complete control of fax and user history for reporting. FaxCore can integrate with many enterprise applications without the use of connectors or 3rd party software.

FaxCore Features:

  • Completely web based, running on Microsoft IIS and SQL Server.
  • Mixed Mode Messaging support for fax, http, ftp, SMS & email.
  • Automatic Document Archiving into M-Files or any Document Management System.
  • Encrypted print to fax driver. Secure print to fax.
  • Built in document tracking, searching and archiving of all faxes.
  • System Audit logging for all user access and actions.
  • Secure fax image encryption using RSA 256.
  • Flexible and powerful tools for fax enabling any application.
  • Two way synch in Active Directory adds and removes old users automatically.
  • Cloud Ready and Hybrid option.

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