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FaxCore Features

FaxCore Featuresfaxcore

Companies who use FaxCore quickly realize many new features that other fax apps don’t include in their core products. Some of our favorite features are the all web-based design that can use any browser like IE, Chrome, FireFox and Safari. The .NET framework with A.J.A.X. provides more user functionality within the same window making FaxCore very user friendly. FaxCore’s multi-tenant design is perfect for large companies with many departments or business units. The AD synch not only adds new users automatically, but it removes them too. Windows Communication Foundation service (WCF) encrypts all messaging transports between the client and server. Provide your own in-house telco or leverage our cloud based phone service, etherFAX, for a partly cloudy deployment.SQl 2012

How is FaxCore different? Simply put, FaxCore was written for the internet age with security and compliance in mind. This allows for FaxCore to help your organization meet it’s toughest security requirements for faxing while making your IT department’s jobs much easier. FaxCore is in use within thousands of Healthcare, Financial, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing and Government organizations of all sizes.

FaxCore Features:

  • Completely web based, running on Microsoft IIS and SQL Server.
  • Mixed Mode Messaging support for fax, http, ftp, SMS & email.
  • Automatic Document Archiving into M-Files or any Document Management System.
  • Encrypted print to fax driver. Secure print to fax.
  • Built in document tracking, searching and archiving of all faxes.
  • System Audit logging for all user access and actions.
  • Secure fax image encryption using RSA 256.
  • Flexible and powerful tools for fax enabling any application.
  • Two way synch in Active Directory adds and removes old users automatically.
  • Cloud Ready and Hybrid option.


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