FaxCore High Availability

FaxCore High AvailabilityFaxCore

FaxCore leverages web based standards within it’s architecture in order to provide scalability and fault tolerance required by many organizations for faxing. This allows FaxCore to deliver n-tier scalability and fault tolerance, without the need for server clustering. Configuring FaxCore in a HA environment can be achieved with two or more FaxCore servers, a load balancer or DNS entries. When you combine FaxCore with etherFAX, you end up with a powerful HA and DR solution that can provide geographic failover for your phone numbers as well.

faxcore ha

FaxCore HA Capabilities:

  • Completely web based, leverages IIS and DNS for fax to email delivery.
  • N-Tier architecture allows for global redundant and highly scalable solution for any size enterprise.
  • Fully supported on Microsoft Hyper-V, Vmware and XenServer.
  • Eliminates Windows Clustering and other Cluster Technologies.
  • Service distribution to multiple FaxCore servers for an unlimited numbers of configurations.
  • Cloud Ready and Hybrid option.

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