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FaxCore – When Every Fax is Mission CriticalFaxCore

No other fax server is better built for today’s internet age and cloud computing infrastructure. Since 2002, FaxCore has been purpose built for today’s modern cloud based deployments and is in production worldwide by telephone carriers to provide enterprise grade fax services to their customers. Used by Global Fortune 500 companies for enterprise wide faxing, FaxCore can be installed on your own network or can be fully hosted by Ingenium in our Cirracore Enterprise Cloud. Use your own SIP services or leverage our cloud based phone service, etherFAX, for a partly cloudy and highly reliable faxing experience.

Why FaxCore?

FaxCore is a modern day fax server built on the .NET Framework with security, ease of use and ease of administration in mind. The application can synchronize in both directions with Microsoft Active Directory to seamlessly add and remove fax users automatically. FaxCore’s web based interface and secure print to fax capability will give your remote employees secure faxing capability without having to deploy or manage desktop VPN clients. With state of the art auditing and document encryption capabilities included as standard features, Security Officers and CIO’s alike are singing FaxCore praises. Technical Support is provided directly by Ingenium Software from our US based call centers on the east and west coast.

FaxCore Benefits:

  • A true 21st Century fax server with unparalleled standard features.
  • Support for RightFax Embedded Codes (EC) and Fax Command Language (FCL).
  • RESTful API for sending and receiving fax documents.
  • Hi-performance architecture capable of sending 10 million pages of fax pages per day.
  • Automatic Document Archiving into any Document Management System.
  • Fully integrated audit trail logging tracks user logins, fax actions, rendering and much more.
  • Comes with Microsoft SQL Desktop.
  • Hi-performance built in document rendering engine converts Word docs with ease.
  • No client side software required, just a standard web browser.
  • SMTP Gateway supports character encoding for fax recipient emails.
  • Integrations for Office 365, Google, Epic, SAP, Oracle and Microsoft.
  • Fax enable your own apps with our RESTful API, with just a few lines of code.
  • Experience the reliability, ease of use and ease of management you’ve been missing in a fax server.

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