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MultiTech FaxFinder is a network based hardware appliance that bridges the gap between your data and telco networks. FaxFinder’s plug-and-play approach allows your system administrator to quickly enable secure network based faxing for inbound and outbound desktop users. Inbound faxes can be routed into a user’s email inbox, a network directory or printed to a network printer automatically. A user can send an outbound fax from an email client, the FaxFinder web client or the FaxFinder desktop client. The user will receive an email confirmation once the fax has been delivered. There are many different options that can be configured by your system administrator. Ingenium can also remotely install your FaxFinder or pre configure your FaxFinder prior to shipment for a fee.

Whether you are using an in house PBX or analog lines, Ingenium has a FaxFinder integration that will help your organization simplify it’s on premise faxing processes. We can integrate with just about any legacy or modern IP PBX to help you complete your Unified Communications strategy. Leverage our etherFAX “cloud based carrier” and never miss an inbound fax again with our highly redundant and “always on” fax trunks.

FaxFinder - How it works

Why MultiTech?

From their US-based manufacturing plant to their countless product and process certifications, they are committed to the utmost quality in everything they do. That’s why you can find more than 22 Million MultiTech products performing essential duties for businesses around the globe.

With a comprehensive fax appliance portfolio to the extensive reach of their distribution network, MultiTech is easy to choose and easy to buy. Thanks to in-house manufacturing and custom design services; broad-reaching expertise and fast, agile development they deliver customization and flexibility you simply can’t get anywhere else.

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