FaxStat Business Intelligence

RightFax BI Made Easy

The FaxStat™ Business Intelligence (BI) suite from Ingenium Software is a unique platform that combines real-time analytics gathering with monitoring and alerting capabilities. It provides a single location where you and simply “click and go” to gather critical business data regarding the status of your RightFax® environment. If RightFax® is a business critical application within your organization, FaxStat™ can help you provide the most comprehensive monitoring, alerting and reporting on your fax communications in an easy to use web interface that can be shared among system administrators and network operations centers. FaxStat™ can monitor 50 different metrics including system health, fax volume, usage and more.

Built by data experts, FaxStat™ removes the complexity of data mining and creating your own Key Performance Indicators that can be used to monitor the health and status of your fax server.

FaxStat™ BI can help you:

  • Monitor and track server service status, queue depth and channel usage level.
  • Monitor SLA’s and view historical fax data.
  • Generate administrative Alerts whenever a metric or KPI exceeds your specified threshold.
  • Collect fax data from multiple fax servers and remote transports.
  • Gain clear visibility and identify issues before they escalate into production outages.
  • Report and present accurate metrics on fax traffic and history of transmissions.
FaxStat BI

FaxStat Datasheet


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