Fuze Conferencing

A true cloud PBX replacement that unifies global voice, conferencing, contact center, business intelligence as well as integrating into popular enterprise applications.

The Fuze enterprise communications platform provides traditional PBX functionality of an on-premise switch without the traditional burdens of platform maintenance, upgrades, CAPEX spend, dealing with carriers, and unpredictable costs from your access providers. Fuze manages everything so you don’t have to, all for a low monthly cost.

With the Fuze cloud based platform, you will get so much more than a phone system. Employees can easily access all of their business communication tools such as presence, IM, SMS, MMS, audio, video conferencing and web collaboration – from any device using a single work phone number. Fuze enables seemlees teamwork by helping your employees connect faster with less complication.

Never worry about your PBX again with Fuze.

When you use Fuze, you will never have to worry about your PBX equipment again. Period.

  • Many of our customers, including Ingenium, have made the move to Fuze and are utilizing their resilient cloud infrastructure and QOS engineered network to deliver the best enterprise class IP PBX voice services available.
  • With Fuze, you will never have to worry about upgrading your PBX software or doing updates ever again. Support and maintenance contracts will be a thing of the past and you can focus on what you do best.

Fuze Enterprise Cloud PBX eliminates the complexity of On Prem and DR Systems.

  • Scale on demand. There are no limitations on how many users or phone lines you can have.
  • Reliable and Secure.
  • Never run phone cables again. Just use an existing network connection. Many of our handsets come with two ports to support your phone and pc.
  • Incredibly flexible and ease of use.
  • Eliminate any geographical limitations. You can add a phone anywhere in the world. Just plug it in.
  • As a business expands this is an especially nice feature, because the Cloud PBX can connect employees in different locations while all being included in the same system.
  • Simplify complex network integrations that you may have for deploying voice over a wide are network.
  • Android, Apple and tablet clients.
  • Manage your entire PBX from a web browser.
  • Mobile workforce? No problem with “follow me routing”. Never miss an important call again.

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