Fuze Contact Center

Improve customer interactions with simplified call routing.

We know that most of our customers have contact center needs. Whether you have a distributed support or sales team or a receptionist directing calls at your company headquarters, contact center functionality can support these business needs.

Fuse offers cloud contact center solutions to meet a variety of needs, ranging from basic to extremely complex. We support businesses with one to two office locations, high end global retailers with thousands of agents across many countries. No matter what your contact center needs, we have a solution that fits.

Skills based call routing.

Reduce your cost per call by giving callers the control to choose a call path based on a series of questions chosen by you. Using automated speech recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech (TTS), callers are able to route their calls to the desired destination, all without an operator. With intelligent call routing, contact center calls are routed to the right agent or employee with the expertise to address the callers’ request, resulting in reduced call times and increased customer satisfaction.

Analytics based agent scheduler at any given time.

Take the guesswork out of scheduling. Data is king. Employ the right agents at the right time with predictive analytics. Not only will you know how many agents are required at any given time, but you will know what skills are required to meet customer demands at those times with Fuze.

Maximize agent productivity with automated dialing.

Take agent productivity to the next level, with the ability to place multiple calls per agent while balancing list characteristics and legal regulations. The auto-dialer can be used for both agent and agentless calling campaigns, providing you with the ability to customize the communications method to best meet the campaign outreach results and your business needs.

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