Fuze Integrations

Fuze integrates with some of the most popular business applications including Salesforce, Zendesk, Outlook and more so you can fuze seamlessly into your workday.

Cloud based business applications are here to stay. We have integrated with the leading business platforms to provide your employees with productivity leading click-to-call features directly from phone numbers that live within these applications. Your knowledge workers will enjoy placing more calls in a shorter time with our easy to use click-to-call integrations. Just point your mouse on the number you want to dial and click-to-call.

CTI and click-to-call integrations include:

Fuse integrates with these popular enterprise web applications. Just click-to-call from any of these platforms.

Fuze integrations

Contextual Insights integrations.

Whether you are using social media networks, enterprise apps or public phone book sources, Fuze can provide real time dialing from leading information sources.

Contextual integrations

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