Ingenium Introduces Fax Server Buyback Program

Ingenium Fax Server Buyback Program

March 10, 2016 – Ingenium Software is now offering companies who are using an outdated Fax Server software to receive up to $100,000 for trading in their current Fax Server technology for an Ingenium fax system. The eligible fax software for trade-in includes any and all Fax Server and Fax Gateway technology. The trade in credit will be applied to your Ingenium Software quotation.

“The most common complaint we are hearing from our customers is that they are not comfortable with the old fax software they are using and have invested in,” stated Doug Olive, President of Ingenium Software. “With large investments in fax infrastructure and custom coding, it’s really hard to justify purchasing a new modern fax related technology. Our new Fax Server Buyback Program allows companies to easily justify moving from their outdated fax server to a current and modern technology with savings up to 80% for a brand new fax technology. The upgrade process can run in parallel with the old system until we can add the new users and import fax data, if its needed.”

About Ingenium Software, LLC

Ingenium Software is a national provider of communications software and services ranging from voice, fax, secure email and document management. Our flagship product, Virtual Fax Transport (VFT), enables companies to send a receive large volumes of faxes from almost any fax server or thru our Fax API. VFT is PCI Level 1 Compliant and is used by global organizations in Healthcare, Banking, Retail and government entities.

To see how much your old fax server is worth, please call us at 770-936-0600 or use our Contact Us form.