Ipswitch File Transfer

Ipswitch File Transfer

Ipswitch File transfer delivers high performance integration and managed file transfer solutions to help customers manage a broad spectrum of business interactions including process-to-process, process-to-person, person-to-person, and person-to-process file transfers.

The solutions from Ipswitch File Transfer help companies:

  • Reduce the risks associated with the secure movement of sensitive data
  • Meet compliance requirements defined by organizations such as HIPAA and PCI
  • Improve operational efficiencies with the ability to automate file-based workflows
  • Trusted solutions for many industries, Ipswitch File Transfer is largely used in industries that have highly sensitive data that is transferred internal and external of organizations, these industries include healthcare, financial services, and insurance.

Ipswitch File Transfer offers solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of companies today. Their featured products include:

WS_FTP Server: A trusted, scalable, and secure FTP solution that is the easiest way to securely store, share, and transfer information between systems, applications, groups and individuals.
WS_FTP Professional: A fast, simple, and secure solution to transfer files over the web.
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