M-Files EAM

M-Files EAM

M-Files EAM will enable your organization to discover and assess asset management issues before they become a problem. M-Files EAM can help you collect technical data from plants and suppliers to a centralized repository and collaboration platform. The M-Files EAM platform is a product suite that solves different data management purposes such as plan management and master data management.  Successful plan management is based on predefined process and maintenance plans where maintenance tasks are performed proactively. Improve safety at your plants and increase productivity due to higher uptimes with M-Files.

M-Files Top Features

M-Files seamlessly integrates with Windows Explorer and supports all Windows applications so there is hardly any training needed to get your employees up and using M-Files.

  • More efficient use of existing systems
  • Higher user adoption
  • Better Master Data quality
  • Fast access to Data
  • Highly efficient work management
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Master Data Management
  • Reporting maintenance data intelligence
  • Document Management for IBM Maximo
  • Document Management for SAP PM
  • Document Management for Solteq Solax and Artturi
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