EtherFAX is a cloud based delivery network for fax, secure email and other secure content. EtherFAX provides an “always on” fax experience for your senders and routes inbound and outbound fax calls via “fax boards in the cloud”, securely to your fax server. PCI 1 and HIPAA Certified.



FaxTest can help your organization quickly identify inbound faxing problems through our fax monitoring process.



FaxCore is a leader in Enterprise Fax Solutions and markets their modern all .net fax server globally. FaxCore is not only well respected in the industry, but they are great people to do business with. FaxCore was the first to integrate with etherFAX, a “fax board in the cloud” network with “always on” dialtone. They have standard features such as local fax encryption, SMTP, high performance rendering, web interface, web services and simple XML integration’s.



KnowBe4 is the largest consolidated platform that supports organizations of all sizes through security awareness training. Knowbe4 provides users with baseline testing to evaluate the percentage of users prone to phishing through a simulated phishing attack.