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[title]Alchemy Document Server[/title]

Easily capture, route, locate, retrieve, retain, and dispose of business-critical communications and records with a digital file cabinet.

Introducing Alchemy 9.0, the latest edition of OpenText’s proven document management solution.

Failure to find critical documents quickly can impact audits and trigger lawsuits. Manually searching page by page for specific content can take hundreds of hours. This problem multiplies when an organization must gather related content from disparate line-of-business applications. Further, you may incur penalties if you cannot prove who has accessed the records.

The OpenText Alchemy document server solves these problems by letting you securely capture, store and search documents from:

[column size=”one_half”]
  • Paper
  • Multifunction printers and devices (MFPs and MFDs)
  • Fax
[/column] [column size=”one_half_last”]
  • Scanners
  • The cloud/SaaS applications
  • Back-office systems

Alchemy is a document imaging and document management system for small to medium businesses and departments.

Alchemy lets you find the one document in millions containing keywords (e.g., “contract” and “Paul Bunyan”). Alchemy can then pull up invoices, receipts and other documents related to that contract. A new Alchemy system can be up and running in minutes, and non-technical end users can make sense out of a fresh system without any customizations.