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[title]Fax Archiving[/title] [youtube id=”YdwJu52Lpdk” title=”RightFax Fax Archiving with Alchemy”] Any fax can become a high value document required as evidence in an audit, financial dispute, legal proceeding or compliance action.

Can you easily find the correct fax when you need it? With RightFax and the Alchemy Archiving Modules you can. Add dedicated fax archiving as part of your fax management system.

More laws and regulations govern business communications than at any other time in history.

  • Organizations must be able to authenticate transactions, and confirm delivery
  • Disputes are lost and won based on the strength of evidence produced
  • Courts now scrutinize both fax image and metadata
  • Highly regulated industries require privacy when transferring client records

Document Archival is more important than ever and fax is no exception. OpenText makes it easy with our new RightFax and Alchemy bundles, providing a cost-effective, complete fax archiving solution, complete with the RightFax Archiving Connector.

This combined offering enables organizations to automatically archive RightFax faxes at system administrator-defined intervals, providing:

  • Security & Encryption:
    deploy proven, custom Alchemy privacy and security capabilities
  • Compliance & Audit Readiness:
    improve compliance with tightly controlled storage and access of all documents with complete audit trail and encryption
  • Search & Retrieval:
    find faxes quickly and easily by metadata and full-text keywords using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)