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[box] [title]RightFax Business Server[/title]

The RightFax Business Server provides a comprehensive set of electronic fax and document delivery features and benefits that make it easy to use and manage for midsize companies, departments and work groups.
[/box] [box] [title size=”small”]Efficient, Easy Fax Server Software[/title] [column size=”one_half”]

  • Network-wide desktop faxing:
    Send and receive documents directly from desktop applications from built-in RightFax client or Web browsers.
  • Email integration:
    Send, receive and manage faxes directly from Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)-compliant email.
  • Broadcast fax:
    Improve efficiency broadcasting documents to hundreds or thousands of recipients at once.
  • Library documents:
    Store frequently faxed documents in a special fax document library for quick, easy retrieval.
  • Phonebooks:
    Store frequently used fax numbers and groups in a single location for easy retrieval.
  • Client Localization:
    Support international users with client application localization.
[/column] [column size=”one_half_last”]
  • Create and send documents from native applications:
    Provide quality communications that preserve original document formatting.
  • Immediate or scheduled delivery:
    Enhance service levels with instantaneous document delivery or reduce costs by scheduling delivery for off-peak telephone rates.
  • Anytime, anywhere access:
    Increase productivity of mobile workers by providing remote fax access via the Web.
  • Inbound routing:
    Route inbound fax documents efficiently and securely to recipients via Direct Inward Dialing (DID), Dual-tone Multiple-frequency (DTMF), Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS), Caller Service Identification (CSID), Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and other supported inbound routing methods.
[/column] [/box] [box] [title size=”small”]Easy Fax Server Software Administration and Management[/title]
  • Certified on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and 2008 (32x and 64x): Leverage unrivaled application reliability, continuity in the user interface experience and ease of installation and updating.
  • Open database engine for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008: Leverage open database design.
  • Support for Microsoft Office XP, 2007 or Windows XP and 7 Platforms: Extend Fax Server to support users of the latest Microsoft platforms.
  • Robust synchronization with Active Directory: Simplify administration by keeping all critical data in one central location.
  • Sophisticated Administrative Interfaces: Provide precise control over all fax server software functionality from the office or remotely via the Web.
  • Intuitive set up and management tools: Quickly and easily create and manage groups, users, coversheets, signatures, billing codes and more.
  • Pager alerts: Enable faster response times and improve system management with specified RightFax event alerts.
[/box] [box] [title size=”small”]Reporting, Monitoring and Audit Trail[/title] [column size=”one_half”]
  • Custom notifications:
    Create fax status notifications to meet your tracking and audit trail requirements.
  • Comprehensive fax usage reports:
    Monitor fax usage for cost recovery, billing or tracking purposes using built-in reporting tools or customize reports to meet unique requirements.
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  • Real-time fax status:
    Obtain real-time fax status to improve monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities.
  • Fax archival:
    Record inbound and outbound faxes for audit trail and to support security and regulatory compliance.
[/column] [/box] [box] [title size=”small”]Security[/title]
  • NT security authentication: Take advantage of your network’s established Windows security system.
  • Custom dialing rules: Gain precise control of outbound faxing by specifying rules and restrictions over how faxes are sent.
  • Do not dial: Develop your own in-house applications to verify and control outgoing fax calls.
[/box] [box] [title size=”small”]Reliability, Scalability and Fault Tolerance[/title]
  • Scalable from 1 to 30 channels: Accommodate growth, scale processes for redundancy and optimize throughput and rendering.
  • Automatic backup: Conduct automatic back ups without suspending fax server software operations to ensure maximum uptime.
  • Adjustable bandwidth: Adjust channels automatically to send, receive or both, during peak intervals to control fax traffic volumes.