The Easiest Email Recipient Experiencezixcorp

Your clients and prospects really don’t want to have to enter in a password every time you send them an encrypted email. Even though protecting your email is critical, your email recipients don’t want to lean new steps to communicate securely with you. With the industry’s easiest secure email experience for recipients, Zix Email Encryption will do all of the work for you and keep those emails flowing.

Transparent Email Encryption

Opening an email is easy. What if you could open an encrypted email as easy as opening an encrypted email? It’s just that easy with the ZixGateway. When your employees send secure emails with Zix, recipients who also use the ZixGateway can open and reply to emails as usual with no passwords to remember and no extra buttons to push. out of the millions of emails that Zix encrypts and decrypt’s daily, over 75% of those messages are sent transparently, with no user intervention. If you are not using Zix, your employees and customers are working too hard.

  • No passwords, no extra steps.
  • Encrypt all email messages with no user intervention or button pushing.
  • ZixDirectory is the world’s largest email encryption community.
  • Simple deployment, reliable reporting, secure email. What are you waiting for?


With ZixPort, our portal solution can deliver secure email messages to anyone that does not have email encryption capabilities. our mobile-friendly and responsive portal uses a pull methodology that sends a notification email to your recipient. A link inside the message takes your recipient to a secure portal where they can read, reply and reply-all to fully encrypted email messages.

  • Secure portal for recipients without email encryption capabilities.
  • Easy to use, fully encrypted emails.
  • Mobile friendly for any device.
  • Fast and easy registration.
  • Create new secure emails effortlessly.

Superior TLS

With the many TLS options avialable, how do you know which one to use? TLS can be risky and costly for some, as well as time consuming. Zix has a better idea; Superior TLS. Zix Superior TLS allows your organization to integrate TLS directly into ZixGateway. By leveraging TLS within your email policy controls, easily enable Mandatory TLS with a simple check box. Zix Superior TLS is the industry’s only TLS reporting capable delivery engine that stamps secure emails with “Secured by ZixCorp” branding to ensure added confidence.

  • Simple setup of Mandatory TLS.
  • Confirm secure delivery thru ZixCorp branding.
  • Easy to enable.