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Are you searching for a RightFax® alternative for your organization’s faxing needs? We have installed and supported RightFax® for over 20 years for companies like yours and we understand why you may be looking. You do have a choice when it comes to your faxing solution. From our perspective, there are several key fundamentals an organization should consider when replacing their fax infrastructure.

Key Fundamentals for Selecting a Fax Server Replacement:

  • Will the new solution provide performance gains and fast user adoption?
  • Does the new solution fully integrate with your existing fax enabled applications?
  • What country is the support delivered from?
  • Do you have a re-seller partner that can effectively lead you thru a migration and add value?
  • What are the costs associated with moving to a new fax server solution?
  • Do you want to virtualize your fax server?
  • Are you interested in gaining faster and higher fax success rates?
  • Are you interested in achieving PCI or HIPAA with fax?
  • Would you like to be up and running in a POC within a few hours?
Why FaxCore?

FaxCore is a modern approach to today’s fax server- purpose built to provide security, high reliability, ease of use and ease of management for end users and administrators. Developed entirely on the .net platform, FaxCore leverages the Microsoft Window’s Foundation, SQL and IIS to deliver the most reliable and cost effective faxing platform we have ever used. With the FaxCore architecture, your employees can save an unlimited number of years worth of faxes and still have lightning fast search and retrieval results of old fax documents.

If you look under the hood of a FaxCore server you will quickly realize that there are only 5 Window’s side services that make up the system’s core processing. The web client interface can support any web browser, including Microsoft IE, Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Chrome with ease. Since FaxCore supports any SMTP email system, you will be able fax enable your entire organization’s email accounts in about 30 seconds without having to install any add on programs onto your messaging platform.

Migrations from RightFax® to FaxCore are very simple and can be achieved in several ways. Setup the FaxCore server using your AD OU groups to have a “from this point forward” faxing repository. Or, you can use the FaxCore Migration Tool to copy and convert your RightFax® user data and settings to FaxCore. Leverage the etherFAX option with FaxCore to enable cloud based fax lines that offer 99.99% up-time reliability and guarantee a “never busy” fax line experience for your fax senders.

There are so many great things about FaxCore as a product and a company; we highly recommend them to anyone looking for a modern fax server. Contact us today and see for yourself why thousands of companies have chosen FaxCore.

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