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RightFax Enterprise Server

RightFax Enterprise Server

The RightFax Enterprise Server is a robust enterprise fax and document-delivery solution for national or global organizations that want to combine the power of multiple RightFax Servers on a network. Designed to be easy to use and manage, it allows enterprises to share workload and data across multiple servers and locations. It includes all the electronic fax capabilities of the RightFax Business Server, plus additional capabilities such as Intelligent Least-cost Routing™, load-balancing, NT Security Authentication and a host of other features.

Efficient, Easy Fax Server Software

  • Network-wide desktop faxing:
    Send and receive documents directly from desktop applications from built-in RightFax client or Web browsers.
  • Email integration:
    Send, receive and manage faxes directly from Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)-compliant email.
  • Broadcast fax:
    Improve efficiency broadcasting documents to hundreds or thousands of recipients at once.
  • Library documents:
    Store frequently faxed documents in a special fax document library for quick, easy retrieval.
  • Phonebooks:
    Store frequently used fax numbers and groups in a single location for easy retrieval.
  • Client Localization:
    Support international users with client application localization.
  • Create and send documents from native applications:
    Provide quality communications that preserve original document formatting.
  • Immediate or scheduled delivery:
    Enhance service levels with instantaneous document delivery or reduce costs by scheduling delivery for off-peak telephone rates.
  • Anytime, anywhere access:
    Increase productivity of mobile workers by providing remote fax access via the Web.
  • Inbound routing:
    Route inbound fax documents efficiently and securely to recipients via Direct Inward Dialing (DID), Dual-tone Multiple-frequency (DTMF), Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS), Caller Service Identification (CSID), Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and other supported inbound routing methods.

Easy Enterprise Fax Administration and Management

  • Load balancing:
    Maximize system performance by directing faxes to the server with the most available lines.
  • Open database engine for Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008:
    Leverage open database design for enterprise scalability, performance and reliability.
  • Certified on Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2008 (32x and 64x):
    Leverage unrivaled application reliability and continuity in the user interface experience, and ease installation and updating.
  • Sophisticated Administrative Interfaces:
    Provide precise control over all server functionality from the office or remotely via the Web.
  • Enterprise alerting and monitoring:
    Create and monitor 120 status alerts simultaneously for faster response times.
  • Support for Microsoft Office XP, 2007 or Windows XP, 7 Platforms:
    Extend Fax Server to support users of the latest Microsoft platforms.
  • Robust synchronization with Active Directory:
    Simplify administration by keeping all critical data in one central location.
  • Pager alerts:
    Enable faster response times and improve system management with specified RightFax event alerts.

Reporting, Monitoring and Audit Trail

  • Advanced alerting and monitoring with custom notifications:
    Take advantage of advanced monitoring and alerting capabilities and custom fax status notifications to meet tracking and audit trail requirements.
  • Fax archival:
    Record inbound and outbound faxes for audit trail and to support security and regulatory compliance.
  • Comprehensive fax usage with custom reports:
    Monitor fax usage for cost recovery, billing or tracking purposes using built-in reporting tools, or customize reports to meet unique requirements.
  • Real-time fax status:
    Obtain real-time fax status to improve monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities.


  • NT security authentication: Take advantage of your network’s established Windows security system.
  • Custom dialing rules: Gain precise control of outbound faxing by specifying rules and restrictions over how faxes are sent.
  • Do not dial: Develop your own in-house applications to verify and control outgoing fax calls.

Reliability, Scalability and Fault Tolerance

  • Load balancing:
    Maximize system performance by directing the fax to the server with the most available lines.

  • Scalable from 1 to 30 channels: Accommodate growth, scale processes for redundancy and optimize throughput and rendering.
  • Automatic backup: Conduct automatic back ups without suspending fax server software operations to ensure maximum uptime.
  • Adjustable bandwidth: Adjust channels automatically to send, receive or both, during peak intervals to control fax traffic volumes.

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