Easy Email Encryption for Anyonezixcorp

Zix Email Encryption provides email protection for organizations of all sizes and industry. Our simple to use encryption platform can scale from 10 to millions of employees, no matter what your company size may be. Our patented and easy to use solution can be deployed thru a software or hardware defined approach. To get started, just select one of our email sending technologies, ZixGateway or ZixMail.


Our ZixGateway is the most trusted and most deployed email encryption solution in the industry. Thru our patented and proven policy filters, your email messages and attachments are scanned dynamically at real time, eliminating additional tasks for your employees and helping you sleep at night because your emails are being encrypted and delivered in the most secure and easiest methos possible, all the way to message delivery. Experience the ease of use of using encrypted email in your organization with the ZixGateway.

  • No passwords, no extra steps.
  • Encrypt all emails with no user impact.
  • ZixDirectory is the world’s largest email encryption community.
  • Simple deployment, reliable reporting, secure email. Sleep well my friend.

Cloud Based Email Encryption

With Zix Email Encryption, enjoy the host of options we can provide to your company’s hosted mail platform. Zix can meet your hosted mail encryption needs with any cloud based mail service in less than a day. Zix can accommodate hybrid email and on premise mail server solutions no matter what mail server you are using.

  • Office 365 email encryption.
  • Exclusive email encryption partner of Google Apps.
  • Zix has the most comprehensive email encryption platform in the industry.


ZixMail is the perfect solution for companies with 10 employees or less. ZixMail is a desktop application that provides end to end email encryption that can protect email and attachments with a single click. ZixMail provides automated key management and leverages the ZixDirectory to exchange secure email with anyone on any device at any time. Our optional plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook are easy to install and can be setup in minutes.

  • Office 365 plug-in.
  • Desktop client option.
  • Easy to use email encryption for non technical users.