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Ingenium’s Virtual Fax Transport provides seemless ip based fax trunks to any RightFax server running our VFT connector. The VFT connector is installed on your RightFax server and provides realtime fax communication between your RightFax and our secure cloud based global network. Ingenium’s VFT has thousands of fax channels built on a highly redundant architecture accross 12 different carriers in 3 countries. We support Error Correction Mode (ECM), Modified Modified Read (MMR) and provide high quality fax images.

VFT Benifits:

  • 99.999% Reliability
  • Secure and encrypted fax transport
  • Up to 33.6 kbs speeds
  • Reduce your monthly telco cost
  • Eliminate all taxes and regulatory charges
  • Simple monthly billing cycle
  • National and international DID’s
  • Port your numbers to us
  • Eliminate SIP and T.38 failures
  • Installs in minutes

VFT Analog Terminal Adapter

Do you have many analog fax machines? The Ingenium VFT ATA can replace your analog fax line with our VFT service. Just connect your analog fax machine to our ATA appliance and start saving big on your phone bill. How much will you save by eliminating your monthly analog line and taxes? With the Ingenium VFT ATA, you only pay for the fax documents that you send or receive.

VFT ATA Benifits:

  • “Always on” fax number – your customers will never get a buisy signal
  • Forever eliminate taxes and regulatory charges
  • Works with any analog fax machine
  • Significant cost savings
  • Secure and encrypted transmission
  • Easy setup

VFT Pricing:

No volume commitment: .06 per page
Monthly DID: $5.00 per number

With volume commitment: from .05 per page
Monthly DID: from $4.00 per number

VFT ATA: $249.00 per unit
Replacement Plan: 49.00 per year

Corporate and Enterprise Agreements are available. Please contact us for a free cost analaysis. 770-936-0600