How to Monitor Your Fax Numbers

By July 11, 2022Uncategorized
fax monitoring

Once upon a time, a very good customer was having trouble with their SIP lines for faxing. When you called the company’s 600 fax numbers there would be a busy signal. After restarting some services and checking some logs in his fax application, he reminded me that his company was in the healthcare industry and that these faxes that were not coming in were critical. I asked him what he was using to monitor the inbound fax lines. He said nothing and that he waits to hear from the business when they get complaints about a fax not going thru. There has to be a better way.

To help solve this challenge, Ingenium built a cloud based application called Now anyone from any size business can use FaxTest to monitor their inbound fax lines. The FaxTest fax monitoring service is very easy to setup and use. Just choose a monthly plan, starting at $39.00 a month and submit the fax number that you want to monitor. In the event your fax number does not receive our test fax, an email or text alert will be sent to you. If there is an issue with your fax number, you can use our call detail reports to help your phone company or telecom department identify and resolve your fax issue.

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