WS_FTP Professional

WS_FTP Professional

File transfer software is a fast and simple way to exchange information over the Internet. With so much data constantly on the move, managing and securing sensitive information can be a challenge. As the leading developer of secure and managed file transfer solutions, Ipswitch offers WS_FTP Professional 12.4 – the most secure and easy-to-use FTP client available – tested to meet all of the technical requirements to be Windows® 8 Compatible.

For years, Ipswitch has been the trusted choice for moving and securing information. WS_FTP Professional 12.4 extends this choice, with the highest level of encryption and a superior range of features that enhance productivity and communication. It securely transfers files with lightning-fast transfer speeds, industry-leading security, and includes time-saving automation features and customization capabilities. No other file transfer client offers the ease-of-use, performance, functionality, and security that WS_FTP Professional delivers. With over 40 million users, WS_FTP Professional is the world’s most popular file transfer client.

WS_FTP Pro can be deployed on your local workstation or server

  • Simple.
    WS_FTP Professional is quick to install and very easy to use, and can be integrated into your browser so that FTP URLs that are entered into the address bar will be transferred automatically from WS_FTP Professional. Flexible. Transfer files over SSL/FTPS and SSH/SFTP protocols.
  • Flexible.
    Transfer files over SSL/FTPS and SSH/SFTP protocols.
  • Automated.
    Simplify tasks and enhance productivity with built-in capabilities such as email notification, backup, synchronization, compression, post-transfer events, and scheduling of transfers.
  • Compliant.
    Enables compliance with regulations and corporate governance requirements.
  • Proven.
    For over 15 years, more than 40 million customers around the globe have transferred billions of files every week using WS_FTP Professional.
  • Secure.
    Protect files before, during, and after transfer. Unmatched security is provided through 256-bit AES encryption, FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography, OpenPGP file encryption. File integrity checking by SHA256 and SHA512 file verification uses built-in file verification mechanisms to guarantee delivery and validate that transferred files have not been compromised in any way and ensure that the source and destination are exact matches.
  • Windows 8 Compatible.
    WS_FTP Professional 12.4 has passed the tests for reliability and compatibility with Windows 8, including adherence to Windows Security Best Practices and support for x64 versions of Windows. This release also includes support for both 32-bit and 64-bit German and English editions of Windows 8.


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