WS_FTP Server

WS_FTP Server

WS_FTP Server makes administering a file transfer server easy and gives your organization a secure guaranteed delivery solution that is easily installed and configured in minutes. Used by administrators globally to support millions of end users and petabytes of data, WS_FTP Server provides powerful administrative control over server access and user permissions and offers person-to-person file transfer.

A simple, secure, and compliant file transfer server, WS_FTP Server scales to thousands of user accounts and hundreds of concurrent user connections. Plus it can now be configured for failover to ensure high-availability – critical to those organizations that demand uninterrupted systems performance.

WS_FTP Server can be deployed on-premise or in the Cloud.

Improve Management

  • Support transfers generated by people, systems, or processes
  • Give end users a simple and secure way to quickly transfer files to others
  • Automate alerts and launch workflows based on server events
  • Scale to thousands of accounts and hundreds of concurrent connections
  • Ensure high-availability with failover configuration

Increase Visibility

  • Log all actions related to the storage and transfer of files

Enforce all File Transfer Activities

  • Create and enforce policies for provisioning, permissions, and encryption
  • Meet security, privacy, and compliance requirements


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