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Zix Email Encryption

The Industry Leading Email Encryption Platform

Let’s face it. Not many people get excited about receiving a secure email that you have to unlock with a password you can’t remember. But what if the email encryption platform could automatically encrypt and decrypt your email message for you, without any effort for your employee or recipients?

Zix Email Encryption can do everything for you. Set it up once and you won’t have to think about it again. From private key management to compliance scanning and encryption, securely delivered to your recipient. Our patented approach to making secure email easy to use will help secure your email and keep your internal and external customers very happy.

Never worry about email encryption with Zix.

The Zix Directory maintains over 49 million email addresses of business and government contacts that can already send and receive secure email, without having to maintain a password to open every email message. The network is the world’s largest email encryption community. By connecting your organization and the other customers on the Zix Directory inside of one community, ZIX Email Encryption automatically recognizes what secure delivery method your customers and partners prefer. Over 100,000 new members are added to the Zix Directory every week.

Prevent Email Data Loss

With Zix Email Encryption, your messages and attachments are encrypted before they leave your network. Some of your company emails may have data that should not be emailed. Internal price lists, customer data, credit card and healthcare records can be sent out inadvertently. Protect your employees, your data and your company with a simple email DLP solution.

  • Policy filters for automatic and reliable detection.
  • Reporting capabilities for compliance and risk mitigation.
  • Zix DLP protects your sensitive data from being emailed outside your organization.